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AGOLIN RUMINANT is a blend of high quality plant extracts from
Furthermore, the product is supplemented to minerals and
herbs and spices, designed to optimise feed intake and feed
compound feeds for heifers, beef cattle, sheep and goats.
utilisation. Many years of research have resulted in this specific
blend of powerful components with great benefits for ruminant
animals. Further product features are its pleasant smell and physical
forms, which are well accepted by the feed industry and farmers.
AGOLIN products comply with the regulation (EC) 1831/2003 on
feed additives as well as with FDA guidelines in the USA.
AGOLIN RUMINANT is widely used in dairy cows across Europe,
Asia and the USA. Trials in these regions have shown the following
benefits :
Inclusion level
Optimal feed intake
1 g AGOLIN RUMINANT / cow and day.
Higher milk yield
Improved feed efficiency (validated by Carbon Trust)
Product description and quality
Positive effect on reproduction
Methane mitigation (validated by Carbon Trust)
The product is available in powder (micro-encapsulated) and liquid
form. A version of AGOLIN for organic production is also available.
All compounds used in AGOLIN products are of food quality and

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