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Ingredients (Content):

18,5% Calcium 4,0% Magnesium

2,5% Phosphorus 8,0% Sodium

Additives per kg:

nutritional additives

600.000I.E. Vitamin A (vitamin A), 3a672a, 100,000I.E. Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D3), E671, 1,000mg of Vitamin E (Vitamin E), 3a700, 250mg of Vitamin B1 (Vitamin B1), 3a821, 20mg of Vitamin B2 (Vitamin B2), 25mg of Vitamin B6 / pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6 prioxidine hydrochloric). , 3a831, 350mcg vitamin B12 (rumen-protected), 50mg Calcium D-pantothenate (D Calcium pantonate), 3a841, 250mg Niacinamide (Niacinamide), 3a315, 1.500mcg Biotin (Biotin), 3a880, 1.200 mg Copper, E4, Copper- (II) -sulphate, pentahydrate, 7.500mg Zinc, E6, Zinc oxide, 4.000mg Manganese, E5, Manganese- (II) -oxide (Mangenese oxide), 25.0mg Cobalt (Cobalt), 3b301, Cobalt- (II) -acetate, tetrahydrate (Cobalt acetate tetrahydrate), 100.0mg Iodine (Lodin) (Calcium iodate anhydrous) (Calcium iodate) anhydrous), 3b202, 40.0mg Selenium (Selenium), E8, Sodium selenite (Sodium selenite), Sodium selenite (Sodium selenite), rumen-protected

Composition: *

Calciumcarbonate (11.1.1), Natriumchlorid (11.4.1), Calcium-Magnesiumcarbonate (11.1.3), Apfelmelasse (Dried Apple Pulp) (5.4.1), Calcium- Natriumphosphat (Calcium-sodium phosphate) (11.3.16), Monocalciumphosphat (Mono-Calcium phosphate) (11.3.3), Magnesiumoxid (11.2.1), Wheat feed (1.11.6)

Net mass: 80 KG

QS-certified: QS-ID 4031735000450


* Difference to 100% at the composition: Premix

Suitable for food that can be produced without genetic engineering.

Storage: Minimal durability implies proper and merchantable storage. That requires especially hygienic, cool and dry storage. No liability at false handling and storage. Protective measures to avoid exposure with Cobalt by inhalation or by dermal route should be taken. (Minimum durability calculation is based on proper storage conditions. Requires hygienic, cool and dry storage. If stored in poor storage conditions, no liability is accepted. Precautions should be taken to prevent cobalt respiration or skin inhalation.)


GMP + - approved (GMP + approved)

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