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PerforMax is your number 1 solution in poultry, single-stomach and fish

Anti-oxidants, Vitamins / Minerals, Improved feed conversion rate, Amino acids, Daily high mass gain, Organic acids, Stress, Electrolyte, Immune ability, Liver protection, Low mortality, Anti-oxidants, Osmolite, Healthy intestine, Return on investment


PeforMax successfully protects against stress with the following methods:

- Increasing VITAGENES results in the following conditions:

-Improved feed conversion rate (HDR)

- Daily high mass gain

- Immunity

- Low mortality

- Supports the organism with its energetic nutrient contents

Increases water intake, resulting in improved body hydration

-Stimulates the mycotoxin metabolism in the liver

- Provides improved overall performance by maintaining intestinal health.

Advantages of PerforMax

As a result of 30 years of research, PerforMax is an innovative product with live nutrient content, water soluble and anti-stress content.

Unique synergistic combination of Essentials Unique synergistic combination of basic components

High flexibility and quick action (within hours) - see results in hours

It is effective against all kinds of stresses.

Proven results for poultry, monogastric animals and fish.

Easy application via water or feed.

Strengthens the immune system against mycotoxins.


Growing poultry:

- Placement --- From Day 4 to Day 7 --- to improve the bowel and immune system.

- Sorting / Thinning --- 1-2 days before and 1-2 days later --- to reduce stress

- Vaccination - 1-2 days before and 2-3 days after vaccination - to increase the effectiveness of vaccination.

- Immune system suppressive treatment - 3-7 days - to improve immunocompetence.

- Temperature stress - 2-4 days before, during stress and 1-3 days after stress - to increase temperature resistance and reduce the negative consequences of stress.

-Mycotoxicosis - 3-7 days for prevention. Once the mycotoxin content in the feed is determined, it should be used continuously for 7-10 days as a mycotoxin-binder in order to reduce the negative effects of mycotoxins in the feed.

- Metabolic diseases - for 2-7 days - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so on. In case of deficiency prevents negative consequences of metabolic diseases.

- Low growth and development - 3-10 days - increases growth, development and stability.

- Improves growth, development and intestinal health after medication (antibiotic) treatment and / or recovery after disease - 3-10 days after antibiotic use.

- Canibalism and plucking / swallowing - 1-5 days in the initial stage of the problem - to prevent cannibalism.

- In case of any technological stress - 1-3 days before, stress immediately and 1-2 days after stress - to avoid negative effects.

- Other stress conditions - For 3-10 days depending on the situation.


Adult Poultry (Layers / Meats)

- Transport of the animal from breeding facilities to the adult site - 2-3 days before transfer and 2-5 days after transfer - to reduce the negative effects of stress and improve health.

- Vaccination, immunosuppressive therapy, temperature stress, mycotoxicosis, metabolic disorders in the healing process after drug (antibiotic) treatment and / or disease - also apply to growing birds.

- before the peak period in egg production - after reaching and after 80% of egg production - 10-14 days (every other day) depending on the situation - to increase maximum egg production and to maintain this performance.

-45 weeks later - 10-14 days (every other day, before the peak period in egg production) - to improve egg production and egg shell quality.

- Other stress conditions - 3-10 days depending on the situation.

20-100 g per 100 liters of drinking water or 200-500 g PerforMax is put into 1 ton feed.



- Immune system suppressive treatment, temperature stress - same with growing poultry.

- Weaning - 2-3 days before weaning and 3-10 days after weaning - to improve the immune system, intestinal health, growth and development.

-Group formation - 2-4 days before group formation and 1-3 days after group formation.

- Switch to food - 2-4 days before and 2-3 days after transfer.

- Nutrition form changes - 1-2 days before the change of the nutritional form and 1-2 days after the change of the nutritional form - for the settlement of the intestine and digestive order.

-When transporting the animal to another farm - 2-4 days before and 1-3 days later.

- In agriculture / inoculation - 1-2 days before and 1-2 days later.

- When relocating to the slaughterhouse - 2-5 days before relocation - to reduce stress and improve meat quality.

- In case of any other stress - 1-10 days depending on the situation


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