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Intra Hydrocare is an ideal disinfectant for use in all animal species.

Intra Hydrocare uses in the livestock industry:

• Broiler, turkey and laying hens

• Stables, sheep and cattle breeding where cattle and ovine animals are raised

• Cats, dogs and similar pet animals are raised and sheltered


• Ponds, ponds and containers for fish farming

• Hatcheries

• Slaughterhouses

Intra Hydrocare's uses in the livestock industry

Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water, water tanks and pipes:

With Intra Hydrocare's excellent cleansing and disinfecting effect

and safe disinfection of water pipes. Biofilm layer due to organic pollution

eliminating, preventing blockages, infecting harmful microorganisms to animals through water

Blocked. In addition, the taste and odor disturbance caused by organic pollution in drinking water of animals

problem will be eliminated and water and thus feed consumption reductions will be prevented

and yield losses are avoided.

Regular cleaning of drinking water systems:

Water for humans and animals is one of the most important requirements in daily life. Drinking water

Contamination of the water system deteriorates the quality of water. Intra Hydrocare drinking water systems

disinfection, removal of algae and biofilm formed in the system, in drinking water

bacteria, viruses, fungi, amoebae, such as the destruction of harmful micro organisms and empty

used in filled shelters.

Cleaning of empty shelters:

When the shelters are empty, the cleanliness of the entire drinking water system should be preferred. Application

1-2% Intra Hydrocare solution is recommended depending on the pollution status of the system. Effervescent of the product

effect eliminates the need for brushing. The whole system is filled with solution, waiting 6-10 hours,

the water system is then emptied and rinsed with clear water. During these operations, a good


Cleaning of filled shelters:

In practice, some pharmaceutical and nutrient additives cause pollution in drinking water systems. Any medicine

or 50-100 ml per 1 ton of drinking water continuously or for 1 day after use of nutritional supplement.

Contamination is avoided by adding Intra Hydrocare.

WARNING: It should not be used in chicken coops 1 day before and 1 day after vaccination.

Disinfection of surfaces such as floors, ceilings and walls:

All units used in the livestock industry are contaminated surfaces during production or processing

Safe cleaning and disinfection with Intra Hydrocare.

Disinfection of tools and equipment used in production and processing:

Tools and equipment contained in materials that they come into contact with during their use

contaminated with microorganisms. Therefore, they are often cleaned and disinfected.

must. Intra Hydrocare spray or dip for all tools and equipment used in manufacturing and processing

methods and excellent disinfection.

Disinfection of hatching and cooking eggs:

During egg production, it is inevitable that the eggshell is contaminated with microorganisms.

Consumption of eggs contaminated with microorganisms without incubation or as table

treatment with Intra Hydrocare prolongs shelf-life,

it does not infect humans or incubators.

Disinfection of milking units, feeding bottles and milk tanks:

All equipment used for milking, storing and supplying to calves and

disinfection of materials with Intra Hydrocare, prevents contamination and contamination of diseases,

provides a healthy storage of milk.

Foot and breast disinfection:

Maintaining the health of foot and breast of animals is the most important that is necessary to achieve high yield

is one of the measures. To prevent foot infections Intra-animal pools

The addition of Hydrocare is effective in preventing infections in the foot area and

helps in the treatment. Disinfecting the breasts before and after milking

prevention of mastitis problems.

Disinfection of feed tanks and feeders:

There may be some damage to the animals in the warehouses or feeders where animal feeds are stored.

bacteria and fungi can reproduce and contaminate feed and metabolic disorders in animals

and causing production losses. Prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms

periodically apply Intra Hydrocare spray to feed depots and feeders.

it prevents contamination and prevents production losses.

Ambient and air disinfection against infectious diseases:

Many bacterial, viral and fungal diseases that are effective in animals occur at any age

It may occur. According to the characteristics of the disease yield losses and high or low mortality rates occur

they may cause An infectious disease in the environment

prevent air contamination and air disinfection

prevents the result. If disease is detected in the growing environment

disinfection of materials, surfaces, ambient air reduces the number of microorganisms and

Prevents the transmission of disease from animal to animal. Intra Hydrocare's excellent bactericide, virusite and

With the effect of fungicides, an important advantage is obtained in combating infectious diseases.

Oral, foot and breast disinfection in foot and mouth disease:

One of the biggest problems in cattle breeding in our country is foot and mouth disease.

Intra Hydrocare, with its excellent effect, protects and protects foot-and-mouth disease farms.

also used in the treatment stages. Intra Hydrocare is excellent in farms with foot and mouth disease

effect shortens the healing process of animals, reduces virus scattering and

economic loss is minimized. Direct contact, airway and indirect transmission

It happens. Direct contact is the most common form of transmission, keeping sick and healthy animals together

occurs with the disease. Aerosol between animals located very close to each other

transmission is the most important way of direct contact. Foot and mouth virus infection

can be found up to five days later. In indirect contamination, people are not natural hosts.

animals, diseased materials, transport vehicles, dish meat and dairy products, artificial insemination, etc. factors

it has a big role. Intra Hydrocare is used as a preventive

In order to reduce the virus population and prevent infection

points. Intra Hydrocare in both cases with or without disease

The application of the foot and mouth damage can be prevented by the foot and mouth virus. Vesicular disease

Intra Hydrocare on lesions of the mouth, breast and feet in animals

solution is provided in a short time to improve.

Cleaning and disinfection of fans and pads used in ventilation:

Algae (algae) need light, nutrients and moisture to continue their development. Ventilation

on algae pads cause blockage in the pads and is responsible for the spread of diseases.

provides a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Proper maintenance of cooling pads

ensures the highest degree of operation of the system. Cooling system proper operation climate

ensures optimum performance of poultry regardless of conditions. Wet algae and bacteria

can grow on all surfaces with sunlight. No harm to Intra Hydrocare cooling pads

cleaning and disinfection. The structure of algae and minerals cooling pads


Disinfection of transport vehicles and materials:

Materials and means of transport, such as crates, used during the transport of animals from one place to another

it is contaminated with animal hair and body secretions. This pollution will occur later in the animal

Intra Hydrocare is applied to all materials and vehicles to avoid contamination during transport

and contamination is prevented.

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