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BERGIN® Lytopect


Natural diet and electrolyte source for calves with indigestion and diarrhea with BERGOPHOR MSS.


BERGIN® Lytopect is a powerful electrolyte source for calves.


• Stabilizes and regulates water and electrolyte balance during and after diarrhea

• Provides fast usable energy

• Stops life-threatening fluid and mineral salt loss

• Prevents dangerous acidosis with a complex buffer system

• High-dose probiotics regulate the microbial balance

• Specially prepared pectins remove harmful microbes from the intestinal tract.

• Psyllium husk and yeast extract support the health process

• Vital substances strengthen the body's defenses


BERGIN® Lytopect stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract and regenerates the intestinal flora.

Feeding recommendation for calves

Dissolve 50 g of BERGIN® Lytopect per liter of water


for severe diarrhea

Divide the daily diet into 3 meals.


Give 2 liters of BERGIN® Lytopect 2 hours after the noon feeding for 1-3 days. After the diarrhea subsides, continue to give 2 liters of BERGIN® Lytopect between meals for another 3 to 5 days.


For mild diarrhea or weak calves

Give 2 liters of BERGIN® Lytopect between meals for 1 - 7 days.


For adaptation in calves

Give 2 lt of BERGIN® Lytopect as a snack for 3-5 days.


 It is also suitable for calves, lambs and kids with dietary digestive disorders.


BERGIN® Lytopect is suitable for the production of "genetically engineered" food and has passed the VLOG test.

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