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Turkey's poultry industry pickaktiv OLB presented for the first time; It is a source of mineral feed for high pressure compressed, laying hens, broilers, geese and turkeys.

For best animal health, high performance is essential. The best feed utilization is of paramount importance for a low environmental impact poultry sector and a sustainable economy. Animal welfare also plays an important role in the poultry sector, with PICKAKTIV OLB meeting animal-specific behavior, meeting its own needs in feed collection, pecking and foraging instincts.


PickAktiv OLB is a mineral feed bucket specially designed for poultry with its rich organic content. It offers a comprehensive welfare package for chickens, broilers, geese and turkeys.


Oyster Shell

A slow and convenient source of calcium

Improved egg shell quality

Individual supplemental calcium

Ligno cellulose

Special raw fiber for poultry

Enhanced digestion

Dry stool and dry trash

Better hygienic conditions

Less ammonia release


Special stomach stones

Better food digestion

Better feed utilization rate


Organic trace elements

Support for intensive metabolism


Specially formulated essential oils acids

Support digestion, reduce harmful germs

improve breathing air


Wheat grain

to promote the feed bucket,

provide the necessary food satisfaction



PickAktiv OLB

Encourages feed intake and promotes appropriate behavior (feed collection, pecking and foraging)

Supports digestion

Supports calcium metabolism

Has a positive effect on bone structure and feathers

Reduces aggression and abnormal behavior (hair removal, cannibalism)

It guarantees animal welfare.

PickAktiv OLB does not affect normal feed consumption.

pickaktiv; There is no negative side effects on animals

Eggs, growth performance, yellow color, etc.


Recommended use:

It is used by placing or hanging chickens, broilers, geese and turkeys within reach.

Place at least one PickAktiv OLB for 100 animals.

Packing: 10 kg

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