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Made of high-quality plastic, Budissa BAG ® Silage bags with the highest level of environmental efficiency consist of black and white exterior and three layers. Staying resistant for up to 24 months, UV resistant, protects silage from rodents, guaranteeing the best silage at high temperatures in summer, even in winter snow.

In addition, 18 kinds of roughage can be stored. The available length and width of the bags are given below. Besides, tunnel bags are available for all silopress types according to their sizes. Thickness varies according to bag diameter.

Advantages of Ag-Bag silage bags;

It is made of thin but very durable materials.

Provides less waste and takes up less space.

It is produced from the most resistant materials known.

More impact resistant - resistant and tear-resistant.

It is consistently produced in the same quality.


Dimensions of the products you are viewing:

Length / Width 1,20m 1,50 m 1,65 m 1,95 m 2,40 m 2,70 m 3,00 m 3,30 m 3,60 m The length and width

30 m ●

45 m ● ● ● ●

60 m ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

75 m ● ● ● ● ●

80 m ●

90 m ● ● ●

150 m • • • ●



Our getirtiği specifically for use in Turkey's conditions for use of this product can be printed in a very simple manner by RT5000 machine. In addition, these machines are available with a capacity of 25 - 50 tons per hour to 80 - 150 tons per hour of silage material (silage maize, pulp, wet and dry grass grass, moist and dry grain). For more information, please contact the company officials. You can find detailed information about RT5000 in the product search section by typing RT5000.

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