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Air permeability, UV rays, silage tightly covering are important factors to ensure silage quality. For optimum protection of silage, the Polydress ® vacuum film is available in lengths from 50 meters to 400 meters and widths from 6 meters to 20 meters. With a silage coated with polydress, low UV, air and gas permeability are guaranteed.

It is covered easily by its specially formed roll form and storage and transportation effort is at minimum level. Transparent colored and 0.04 mm thick. Thanks to its special structure, it is not damaged by predators. One of the most important features is the vacuum stretch structure after covering the silage, wraps the silage and provides the best fermentant.

Product Size: 18 mt width 50 mt length.

Other dimensions can be provided upon special request.


DIMENSIONS Width Length Thickness

Polydress ® vacuum film 6 - 20 m

19 '- 65' 50 / 400m

164 '/ 1312' 0.04mm

1.6mil transparent

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